Welcome To Greenroom Training

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts"

As You Like It - Act II, Scene VII

Welcome To Greenroom Training
Green Room Training believes the world of business is very similar to the world of theater. Every business has its own stage – whether it's in the board room, the sales floor, the customer service department, the HR office, at the managers desk, at a client meeting, during an appraisal, during a coaching session……..etc…….and every man and every woman has their own role to play. Different hats may be worn as players come and go about their jobs.We take theatrical concepts and devices and use them to develop people in their workplace roles.

Green Room – Where actors prepare and practice before a performance
Green Room Training – Where people prepare and practice before performance in the workplace
  • Hearts & Minds

    We love to win both of these to ensure people know HOW to develop and most impor- tantly WANT to develop

  • Keep if Real

    We may blend the world of thea- tre and business but when it comes to you and your people, we are passionate about making it authentic, realistic and practi- cal for real working lives.

  • Lightbulb Moment

    We are only happy when the people we work with have at least one of these when they work with us

  • Work hard? Play hard

    We love to have fun and love our training and business rela- tionships to be fun. The more fun people have – the more learning they will gain.

Film Production

Film Production

On many of our courses we use actors to role play different scenarios, we also produce short films to help get across our messages and make the training a much more enjoyable experience!

How We Work

A training environment to prepare and practise the skills and behaviours for performance in the workplace.

Greenroom Training

What a refreshing approach! A remarkably versatile and talented team gave us a day carefully tailored to the needs of our organisation. Both entertaining and thought provoking, and identified many relevant issues to address.
Soroptimist International

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