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Act One – Scene One – The Prologue

Banana CarThe scene is set in Clare’s banana yellow Volkswagon Polo crawling its way home after another training event. The boot is filled with training manuals, pens, paper, flipchart stands, flipchart paper, stress-relief balls……all the normal paraphernalia for any normal training course. Clare is in the driving seat, suited and booted in a black pinstriped suit, spectacles smudged. Sarah sits in the passenger seat – make-up looking faded and tired which mirrors how she is possibly feeling about the day.

Clare: …so that’s another training event ticked off the list. What time d’you think we’ll make it back?
Sarah: About 8ish probably. (sighs) D’you think we achieved anything today? You know, made a difference to anyone in the group? Did any of them have a light bulb moment?
Clare: Don’t know about a light bulb moment darling, but I know a few of them had a light snooze moment! By the way how many actors does it take to change a light bulb?
Sarah: I dunno
Clare: 101 – one to change it and 100 others to clap and tell them how fabulous they are!
Sarah: Wouldn’t it be great if our delegates went back to work feeling fabulous about their training experience?
Clare: Yes and enjoyed the applause of improved performance. Actors are lucky – they get that reward every night when the curtain goes down.
Sarah: I don’t know how they do it though – all that line learning and character analysis- it’s scares me to death.
Clare: It’s not scary Sarah, it’s a skill, actors get loads of time to rehearse in the Green Room before they go on stage.
Sarah: A Green Room – What’s that then?
Clare: It’s a place in the theatre where actors prepare and practise before a performance
Sarah: That’s what our delegates need.
Clare: Eh?
Sarah: That’s what our delegates need - a training environment – like a Green Room, to prepare and practise the skills and behaviours for performance in the workplace.
Clare: Brilliant and we could call it - Green Room Training.

………………….And that’s how it all began!

Greenroom Training

A training environment to prepare and practise the skills and behaviours for performance in the workplace.

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For us, the day was a great success. The team emerged challenged, but not shocked, and served as a springboard for our engagement with our staff through the coming year...
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