Our Approach

Our training is unique, as we do not provide “off the shelf” products. Each training day is designed and delivered with your specific needs and objectives in mind.  We are passionate that the use of drama and theatrical concepts are thought-provoking, exciting, innovative, engaging  and invaluable learning methods.

Traditional training has its strengths in teaching management teams about theories, models and concepts. We go one step further …Green Room Training (GRT) is all about putting these into practice. Rather creatively, we use theatrical concepts and devices to enthral our audience both logically and emotionally, including actors and role play to influence both attitudes and behaviours, so that the training journey is totally experiential and therefore engaging.

From experience we have seen the impact that actors can have on engaging learners emotionally, and how powerful realplay can create a unique experience for people. The talents and skills of our team of professional actors can be used in a variety of ways –

  • Through in-depth research, reflect current behaviours and attitudes through real life scenarios being brought to life in the learning environment  This is done so that learners observe and experience the impact of their own actions
  • Bring alive models, theories and concepts in a practical way
  • Provide an opportunity for learners to practice new skills using role play, in a safe environment
  • Give specific, powerful and effective feedback to learners to develop confidence and competence
  • Use a variety of other theatrical concepts as engaging, thought-provoking, exciting, innovative and invaluable learning approaches
  • Using our own production team, design, write and produce bespoke training films

Greenroom Training

A training environment to prepare and practise the skills and behaviours for performance in the workplace.

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For us, the day was a great success. The team emerged challenged, but not shocked, and served as a springboard for our engagement with our staff through the coming year...
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