Culture Change

Our Culture Change Training Courses are bespoke to your company and your needs:

  • Culture Change
  • Change Management
  • Behavioural Change
  • Organisational Change
  • Vision and Values
  • Leading Change
Every organisation will go through a period of change at some time or another – the journey through the change can be bumpy, dramatic, emotional and draining – impacting individuals, teams, performance and the business.  Organisations improve through change and so handling it effectively is vital.  The challenge however is to work through the change positively and inspire the workforce to commit and jump on board the rollercoaster!

At Green Room Training we mirror specific culture change situations, human reactions, behaviours and emotions from within your business, which require effective change management.

In an inspirational and exciting environment people will explore, learn and practice, the skills and behaviours to lead themselves and others through change, so that the journey is smooth and the destination  positive.

Greenroom Training

A training environment to prepare and practise the skills and behaviours for performance in the workplace.

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For us, the day was a great success. The team emerged challenged, but not shocked, and served as a springboard for our engagement with our staff through the coming year...
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